Enjoy a Range of Exceptional Amenities at Nexus Spaces!

The Spaces

Conference Rooms

Have productive and enjoyable meetings in our modern conference rooms.


Rooftop Terrace

Enjoy the outdoors, it's a great place to work, meet others, or simply relax while taking in the amazing views.


Premium Private Office

Treat yourself to a top-notch workspace in our exclusive private offices.

What We Have Here for You

24x7 Access

At Nexus, you can come and work whenever you want, even outside regular business hours. Flexibility at its best!


Simply connect your devices and start working right away. No complicated installations or tech headaches, just productivity made easy!

Customizable/Flexible Work Space

Create your own personalized work area! Our flexible workspace allows you to arrange things just the way you like.

Gigabit Internet​

Say goodbye to slow internet! With our lightning-fast Gigabit Internet, you can surf and work online without any frustrating delays.


Keep yourself refreshed and energized all day long with unlimited tea and coffee. Your perfect companions for a productive day!

Mail Delivery​

Don't stress about missing mail. We'll handle it for you, so you never miss an important letter or package.


Don't worry about parking anymore. We've got it covered, ensuring you always find a convenient parking spot without any hassle or frustration.

Branding/Signage Space

Elevate your brand with premium signage space at Nexus Spaces, making your mark in style.

Join us today and experience coworking like never before. Your perfect workspace awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We provide our client the flexibility with custom working hours. 

Absolutely not, We strongly believe in Right To Service. i.e not extra cost for basic services. 

We have Wifi and LAN internet facility.

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