What is NEXUS?

Breaking the stereotype, here comes Nexus, a coworking space in Indore which provides you premium professional and easy-comfortable environment.


It would be a great pleasure to work at a place where work does not feel like work. Nexus spaces keep you really sorted because you need not do anything except your work.


All other things are managed by the management of the coworking space. You need not bother about the office management, internet, tea/coffee or stationary you need while working there because all these facilities are already available for you in Nexus coworking space in Indore.


Nexus coworking space is a place open for all the small or medium enterprises, or even for freelancers. Nexus is not like the other office places. It provides you with the freedom to work at any corner or room of the co-working space. Also, it has a conference room, meeting room, open working space, smoking zone, common reception, etc.


Nexus coworking space in Indore could be the best place to work hassle-free. Apart from work you are provided with the recreational zone in the co-working space where you can play games like chess, ludo, carrom, etc.


If you are tired of working in a room or space you took then you have all the liberty to go and work in an open terrace.


This coworking office space in Indore is a great working place where you feel less burdened and have to only focus on your work 🙂



One of the beneficial things about Nexus Coworking Space Indore is its promising high-speed internet that helps you to work without any glitch occurring.

CCTV Secured Campus

In addition to manual security there are CCTV cameras at every crucial place of the office to maintain the safe and peaceful decorum of the workplace.


For every extra object you carry to your office it’s not needed to increase the extras on your work table. You can put them in the lockers available.


Great for Professionals & Individuals

  • Facility & Infra
  • Electricity & AC
  • High Speed Internet
  • Client Greetings


Great for Individuals & Small Team

  • Facility & Infra
  • Electricity & AC
  • High Speed Internet
  • Client Greetings