Are you an individual freelancer or a consultant and looking for a coworking space that helps you increase our efficiency?

Working remotely and as a freelancer is the IN thing today but for that to work well, you need a cohesive environment.

We understand that working from home can be disturbing and we @ Nexus offer coworking space in Indore for Individuals that are designed to give you a space that helps you perform and grow.

  • Two Locations in the prime areas – 
    • Satya Sai Square
    • South Tukoganj Area
  • Sorrounding that adds to your Growth
  • Ready-to-Use Office Space
  • Specially designed, furnished and Equipped according to your need
  • Share knowledge with people of similar passion
  • Learn from the experiences of the freelancers
  • Events – help you grow your network and keep you upgraded socially

Reach us to know more about co-working with Nexus.