Facility & Infra

Working in a great ambience really shoots up your mood to do great business. At Nexus, you’ll be equipped with the best infrastructure, to feel like heaven in a workplace.

Electricity & AC

Nobody wants to deal with their clients and complete target in the inconvenience. Nexus makes sure you get 24/7 electricity and comfort so you can reach your targets in peace and a smile on your face.

Tea Coffee/Cafeteria

We get that a sitting-all-day job can cause you to get goof. And Nexus won't let that happen. You can chill and catch up with your friends in the Nexus cafeteria to wear out that feeling of boringness.

High Speed Internet

One of the beneficial things about Nexus is its promising high-speed internet that helps you to work without any glitch occurring.

Common Reception

Many times it’s been proven that a single reception leads to more synergy. To make your co-workers get to cooperate and assist them if they have any doubt about any department.

Admin HR IT Support

In business, the needs of the employees are more important than the needs of the project. You will find the very best support from HR and IT departments for your office at Nexus.

Printer Scanner Copier

Small things like printing a document or copying it should not cause you to move from place to place in search of copier or printer. Nexus has those amenities for you in the office itself.

Business Address

Nexus is located as a corporate space for working which is easy to be found on maps. And it gives your office a specific name address for your business so that your clients can find you easily.

In-House Events

No workplace should feel like its just a workplace. Consider it a home where all members of the family come together to create great events and celebrate success.

Maintenance & Housekeeping

Experience the best of housekeeping facilities at your individual work-table with a remarkably well-maintained office at every corner you look around.

Conference Room

Increase socialisation about your work ideas and suggestions with larger groups at one time in the conference room which is well-equipped and designed for healthy work banter.

Meeting Room

To interact personally and explain more about Nexus, we provide special meeting rooms with monthly meeting hours to the expandable network of our clients. We welcome our partners to recite their ideas with us in the specially personalised meeting rooms.

Client Greetings

Your clients are important to us so we attend them at the reception by greeting them for you.

Storage & Lockers

We make your office coming more comfortable here by facilitating you with Lockers. Keep your stuff protected and forget about carrying any extra ounce every day.

Reserved Parking

Time to stop parking your vehicles under the sign "no parking" anymore. There is a space reserved especially for workers and clients at Nexus.


We all know how much stairs can take your breath away and not in a romantic way. Plus not everybody needs to be fit in their life, some need to be on time as well. The lifts are always helpful at the end of the day.

Separate Washrooms

In the matter of privacy, it is a general understanding that separate washrooms are a good idea for everyone. You will be provided with separate washrooms at Nexus.


An office is called the office because it is no more a school you're going to, so no need to carry your stationeries with yourself anymore. Nexus provides space for stationeries at your workplace for your convenience.

Lunch Facility

Enjoy your own meal at Nexus at minimum package prices, and eat delicious food at your office.

Evening Snacks

Complete your little cravings between works with tasty snacks available in Nexus cafeteria at affordable prices.

Security Guard

The security staff at Nexus is uptight and very responsible. They keep your safety confirmed so you don't have to worry about any problems other than your work.

CCTV Secured Campus

In addition to manual security, there are CCTV cameras at every crucial place of the office to maintain the safe and peaceful decorum of the workplace.

Office Boy Facility

Apart from Admin and HR support, Nexus helps you with some office boys to complete your small office errands on time. The boys are very polite and respectful.

12-hour Access

As you'd feel when you enter your own office where you can work all day long until you feel the need to go home. Nexus gives you a 12-hour access so that you can make your workplace, your own work kingdom.